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National Rocking Horses and British Rocking Horse are leading rocking horse makers who carve lovely hand made 'Victorian' wooden rocking horses for sale. They are part of the stable of top UK maker and antique rocking horse restorer Kensington Rocking Horse Company which offers some of the world's finest handmade rocking horses for sale and offers the UK's leading rocking horse restoration service by expert rocking horse restorers in most areas of Britain.

Every one of their craftsmen has honed his skills over more than twenty years. You can be assured of the finest artistry and craftsmanship in both the traditional 'Victorian' dapple grey rocking horses for sale. Gorgeous, more contemporary polished wood styles made without compromise are made. Adults and children can choose from the world class selection.

The children's rocking horses for sale include the award-winner, "Europe's best rocking horse" which has thrilled young children all over the world. Some of the expanded range can be seen at:


The Kensington Rocking Horse Company

the stable for those seeking the gift of a lifetime.

The website includes details of visiting their showroom and rocking horse shop for a browse and friendly chat. Other recommended pages include the traditional rocking horse and rocking horses for sale and rocking horse restoration and repair by expert restorers.

rocking horses for sale

From the traditional rocking horse page, you can visit gallery pages of traditional rocking horses, which include both the dapple grey rocking horse and the natural wood rocking horse.

The children's rocking horse page shows photos of wooden and plush rocking horses for a young child or a baby, including a junior dapple grey and "Europe's best rocking horse".

You will find many photos, advice and background information and rocking horse tips to help you. Whatever your preferences, please follow the link to:

The Kensington Rocking Horse Company

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